Make a special gift honoring your amazing father

Happy Fathers Day June 16th

Magic Knife Holder is a great gift for Dad

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Rainbow Bundle

Our Rainbow Epoxy Bundle is a mica powder set with a combination of bright colors. Mica Powder is one of the most popular colorants in the fascinating world of resin art. This unique and contemporary art style liberates artists from the constraints of traditional brushes, watercolors, and oil paints. Resin art uses the imagination of the new age crowd and redefines the boundaries of visual art. The intricate process involved in resin art sets apart ordinary artists from those who embrace the unconventional. Rainbow Bundle set of Mica Powders includes: Real Orange Pigment Mica .5oz, Lime Pigment Mica .5oz, Bumble Pigment Mica .5oz, Blueberry Pigment Mica .5oz, Barbie Pigment Mica .5oz, Dragon Pigment Mica .5oz,

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