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Discontinued Discolored Artisan Art Epoxy – Fast Set

We are discontinuing this product. It will be on sale until supplies are gone. This product is discolored.

  • Dry to the touch in 2 hours,
  • Good UV resistance
  • Super Hard Finish
  • Full Cure in 7 days
  • Can be used for all coats,  Inc your top coat
  • Medium viscosity
  • Lays out like Glass
  • Excellent bubble release so great for cups and small shallow molds
  • No smell / odor free




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46 reviews for Discontinued Discolored Artisan Art Epoxy – Fast Set

  1. Yadira P. (verified owner)

    Amazing!!!!!! Literally the best fast set epoxy! It’s a must have

  2. Becky (verified owner)

    Love this epixy. Crystal clear and the fast setting time is amazing!

  3. Kristen Cottrell (verified owner)

    Don’t let the 2:1 ratio scare you! This is the best fast set out there! Super easy to work with, I have enough pot time to epoxy 7 cups! I can decal after 6hrs. BUT Wait there’s more! It can be use it on all layers and white!!!


  4. Michele (verified owner)

    No smell, glass finish! I have tried atleast 5 different epoxies and allergic to them all. Thought I would try this and I have had no issues. Started with the fast set but I want to try the regular as well. Great great product!

  5. Autumn Johnson (verified owner)

    Soooo I have tried almost every epoxy out there! I was always looking for a fast set that would cure in my temps (I keep my room no warmer than 68) I have tried so many and was never impressed!! Until I tried this one! It takes 3-4 hours since my temps are low but oh my goodness!! This stuff is amazing and I didn’t have to think twice about buying the 1.5 gallon!

  6. PrettyKustoms

    This stuff is a total game changer! Used it for the first time today and my coaster is currently drying perfectly fine!!!! Fast set; 2:1 ratio was easy to work with. Fast set from here on out for me!!!

  7. Crystal Maki (verified owner)

    Using it right now and it’s been….. 5 hours and it so tacky I can’t move on at all with my project.

  8. Jessica Fender (verified owner)

    I ordered this. Is this a mix ratio 1:1?
    Still waiting on shipment

  9. Kimber

    My favorite epoxy! Beautiful finish on my tumblers.

  10. Michelle (verified owner)

    Love this fast set! It’s been so easy to work with in winter (it likes 70ish degrees). I hardly have any issues with bubbles or fisheyes. It’s made my tumbler making so much more enjoyable.

  11. Monica Jackson (verified owner)

    I love using it. I wish I could picture my work. I’m a customer

  12. Michelle O’Laughlin

    Why is there more of part A than part B?

  13. joshua

    Our Epoxy is FDA compliant

  14. Sonia

    Is the s fda approved

  15. Jenni Gibbons (verified owner)

    I was so excited when DIY came out with their Fast Set, I could hardly wait to get my hands on some! It met my expectations and then some, I can now get tumblers done in a day instead of 3 days! Great product that performs excellent.

  16. Jackie sherburn (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the easy process this epoxy gives a cuts work time in half! Results are beautiful and amazing

  17. Tina Young (verified owner)

    I bought the quick set.
    OMG this is amazing and really is quick to set up.
    You wonder about what it looks like? Like GLASS!!!!

  18. Belinda Taylor

    Do you ship to australia?

  19. Mikelle Brickner (verified owner)

    So far I really like this fast set! I’m wondering since the full cure is 7 days vs 30 days, when is is safe to use (ie: regular epoxy 72hrs before shipping/delivery or use)

  20. Kristie

    This quick set epoxy is amazing, it has cut the time of making a tumbler down which has made me more efficient and helped increase my revenue. All great things and still has the same great look. Not to mention the great knowledge these guys have about their product.

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