Make a special gift honoring your amazing father

Happy Fathers Day June 16th

Magic Knife Holder is a great gift for Dad

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DIYEPOXY Application

We at DIY Epoxy always strive for identifying, building and nurturing long term affiliate partnerships. We seek well run, established and properly resourced affiliate, distributor partners that want to grow their business as much as we want to grow ours. If you or your company is up for the challenge, and want to benefit from the rewards that come with being a affiliate/distributor partner, we are flattered to have you here. Please send the following information, so we can know more about you and your business. 

*Email address to send information to: If you need assistance please call Cinder at 208-667-4066 M-F 8am to 4pm PST

To become an Affiliate: 

  1. Make a customer account on the DIYEPOXY.COM
  2. Email your social media links and a brief description of how you will represent our company
  3.  Include in the email your phone number and the name your DIY Epoxy account is under
  4. Please include your PayPal account. We pay affiliates through PayPal by the 5th of each month
  5. Once you are accepted we will ask what code you would like to use to offer your followers a 10% discount
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