KIT INCLUDES: Storage Jar Not Included

1 oz DIY Epoxy Organic Jojoba Oil

1 oz DIY Epoxy Alcohol 99.9%

.5 oz  DIY Epoxy Mica (Cosmetic Grade)


  • 1/4 teaspoon cosmetic grade mica powder (color of your choice)
  • A few drops of 91% or higher alcohol
  • A few drops of oil 


Place your cosmetic-grade mica powder in the small container you’re going to use to store your eyeshadow. Add a few drops of alcohol until the powder is suspended in the alcohol.

Add a few drops of oil at a time until the consistency is smooth and creamy. Keep stirring until you notice the mixture starting to separate.

Leave the mixture for 20 minutes to allow any excess alcohol time to rise to the top of the mixture. Use a tissue or Q-tip to absorb any remaining alcohol.

Leave the eyeshadow uncovered for 5 hours to allow it to dry. Once set, put the lid on the container.

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