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Back To The Basics Of Human Health Paperback

This is a wonderful insightful book about Americas food supply. For instance almost all vitamins are synthetic, so doesn’t really do anything for your body but poison it. How our land is so depleted that the nutritional count found in vegetables and fruits are only a third of what they used to be.

There are 4 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Our Health Crisis today
  • Chapter 2: Synthetic Vitamins vs Food
  • Chapter 3: Fats, Proteins, & Carbohydrates & Your Health
  • Chapter 4: Our Health

1st paragraph of the Intro:

Most of us are used to reading literature proclaiming the benefits of vitamins, then deciding what is wrong with us and heading to the health food store to buy what we have decided we need. Often, we end up buying a myriad of vitamins that we take but we are still not any healthier




An Ode To A Shelf-Life

Ah, but to last longer on the shelf. It certainly has made an industry of wealth. To enrich , store, and transport has been the goal. My body doesn’t know the difference I am told. If I could but last as long as thee. Oh odorless oils, canned food, cereal and candy.



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