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How to Measure Epoxy Resin Per Square Foot Needed

mixing epoxy resin

Estimate Amount of Epoxy Needed Per Square Foot Calculate square footage for countertops by measuring the length in inches by width in inches (including edge), and divide by 144.  A flood coat will require approximately 1 gallon of epoxy per 20 sq. ft. (or 6.4 ounces per sq. ft.)  Divide your square footage by 20 […]

A Complete Guide to Epoxy Resin Tables

Epoxy Resin River Tables

Epoxy resin tables have ever-growing popularity with an expected market value of 10.3 billion by 2027. This growth is all for good reason, as the need for aesthetic and functional furniture rises. So if you want to get in on the action for these artistic, sophisticated resin tables and have a centerpiece for your dining […]

How To Make A 3D Sculpted Tumbler

Let’s Make A 3D Sculpted Ursula Tumbler!  Making a 3D sculpted Ursula tumbler may seem very scary to do but I promise you, anyone can make this cup with the right materials! With this 3D tumbler tutorial, you’ll be on your way to wowing yourself and your customers! First things first, below is a list […]