Artisan Art Epoxy
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Artisan Art Epoxy

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Artisan is one of the best art epoxies out there. This is a little on the thicker side which helps keep your color in place for your artwork like on geodes and more. This epoxy paired with our white pigment paste makes the best ocean scenes the wave cells form perfectly.  Our epoxy is hard and has excellent scratch resistance. this is a 1:1 Epoxy.

  • Heat up to 500 deg.
  • Meets FDA standards for food safety
  • Excellent for tumblers
  • Excellent UV inhibitors
  • High gloss
  • Self leveling
  • Zero VOC
  • Made in the USA
(35 customer reviews)
  • FREE shipping on all orders in lower 48 USA
  • Our goal is to ship your order to the shipping facility within 3 days.
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35 reviews for Artisan Art Epoxy

    January 15, 2021
    Love love love!!!! I will not use anything else now! I’ve bought and tried some of the other highly recommended brands and non compare to this! Thank you!!!
    January 6, 2021
    Love the finish on this epoxy. Not a fan of Part A bottles not being completely full. This is my second order and second time that A had less than B. Now I have lots of B.
    December 30, 2020
    After struggling for months with a different epoxy, I finally swapped to diy after stalking their Facebook page. My previous brand was giving issues from the start, that I felt no one else was having. I thought it was me, I thought I was going to have to give up the craft. I gave myself one last shot and bought DIY epoxy before Xmas. I could tell immediately after the first time using it, it was going to be successful; which is was and has been ever tumbler since. The smell is seriously non existent, the cure is fast and hard, the bubbles are little to none. I feel back on top of my tumbler game and I feel like normal again. I am forever grateful for DIY epoxy. I will never go to another epoxy again!!! Thank you DIY team!
    Kayla Epting
    December 28, 2020
    I ran out of my usual and wanted to give this brand a try since I’ve heard such great things. I’ve been following along for a few months since I learned about final sand from Jessica Flynn. I have used this on a few tumblers now and I’m so impressed!!! Very few bubbles that were easily popped with a little heat. Nice, clear glassy finish! I will be buying more in the future! Thank you DIY!
    Artisan Art Epoxy photo review
    December 28, 2020
    This is one of the best epoxy’s I have ever tried!!! I have been fighting with bubbles for far too long with another brand and if you heat this up before mixing there are absolutely no bubbles and I LOVE it!!! I’m on my third order and trust me I’m a life long user!!!
    December 22, 2020
    OMGoodness. I have used several other brands and I must say this is the best. If you are thinking of trying this please done you won't be disappointed.
    December 16, 2020
    First time trying this epoxy and I was so excited about using it. Saw so many positive reviews but this just didn’t work out for me. The last epoxy I used I never had a problem with micro bubbles but this one I got them bad. I tried different techniques to eliminate them but just couldn’t seem to get rid of them.
    Pebble Cotner
    December 15, 2020
    After fighting with bubbles and an allergic reaction to another epoxy I decided it was time to try something different and I'm certainly glad I did. The shine is incredible and though it took some getting use to because its so thick - it is definitely worth the change. And a win win on the bubbles- no problems.
    Rebecca D.
    December 15, 2020
    So far so good! It's been a breeze to work with, and although it is thicker than what I am used to working with, with a few adjustments to my process, I couldn't be happier. Will be ordering more soon!
    Christine Gensemer
    December 14, 2020
    At first I was a little iffy. It was so much thicker than what I was using. But WOW! The finish on my tumblers is AMAZING! No bubbles, so smoothe and a beautiful shine. I definitely found my new go-to!
    Brenda G.
    December 11, 2020
    I tried this on several cups and it goes on so smooth..I didnt have many bubbles with the epoxy I usually use, but this no bubbles!! No smell.. doesnt bother asthma! I love the shine. Great product and customer service!!
    December 11, 2020
    This is my first time using anything other than amazing clear cast. My first initial reaction was “Dang this stuff thick” lol but once i got the hang of it, it left an amazing shine and dry time was good. I’ll be ordering again for sure
    Ruth Blackwell
    November 28, 2020
    Just got my epoxy yesterday. OMG this stuff is amazing! This is now my go to epoxy!
    Artisan Art Epoxy photo review
    November 25, 2020
    Tumbler use: Used for the first time last night. I have 33 spinning and 2 need to be sanded a bit (I added too much chunky glitter so my fault). All were second coat and absolutely no flaws, no bubbles, and now ready to ship (after cure). I’ve been using another brand for three years, I will be testing this for another week. But pretty sure I found a new epoxy for the beast.
    Cori Gonzalez
    November 20, 2020
    Okay coming from a "competitors" brand, this Artisan Art epoxy is a GAME CHANGER. if you haven't tried it yet I promise you will not regret it. After I smooth out my layers on my tumblers it only takes maybe 2 minutes for it to level and it already looks like GLASS!!! Also a big test on my white tumblers which are a struggle to avoid yellowing. But with this resin it visually made a difference on the white and so far I love it so much better than what I had been using before. The thicker viscosity does help with less layers and you can lay another layer after 4-6 hours. I keep my workspace at least 75 and if you need a space heater I suggest it. Your cups will cure so much faster. Ordering more for black Friday!!
    Kelley Norris
    November 12, 2020
    My favorite epoxy for tumblers and accessories! It has an amazing glass finish and cures in no time!
    Cori Gonzalez
    November 10, 2020
    I absolutely love my new Artesian epoxy it is soooo much better then my other brand. I like the thicker consistency which means less coats and really cures like glass!! I used it on a big batch of 10 white tumblers and they looked beautiful without the yellow. Will definitely be ordering more!
    Brandi Moreton
    November 4, 2020
    I've only used it once, but I love the clearness of it. And there's hardly any odor.
    Beth Towner
    November 3, 2020
    I’m loving my DIY Epoxy. I’ve tried several different brands and this is by far the easiest to work with. It’s very smooth, clear, and very few bubbles.
    October 29, 2020
    Love this epoxy. I get minimal air bubbles and the epoxy dries so smooth.
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