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Speedy Petey ULTRA UV 1:1 Fast Set (Part A & Part B)

Speedy Petey Fast Set

  • Pettable in as soon as 45 mins
  • Hardened as soon as an hour and 50 mins
  • Extra shiny
  • Ultra Clear
  • Excellent UV Protection
  • Bubble release technology
  • Great for small shallow molds
  • Great for cups
  • Great for cutting boards
  • No smell!
  • This can be used of ALL coats (That means final 😊)


Speedy Petey ULTRA UV Fast Set Epoxy Resin

This is the fastest epoxy in our line for all crafts you can imagine only with extra UV capabilities! ULTRA UV is a similar product to our regular Speedy Petey epoxy resin as you can use it with: tumblers, small shallow molds, wood projects and more. We are proud to bring you the same quality of epoxy but with faster results AND extra UV protection. Expect this to look fabulous on any white based projects as this formula will not yellow! It will give you extra protection for those UV rays.

We hope you like this Speedy Petey ULTRA UV Fast set as much as we do.

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Second Layer: 1-4 hours
Sandable: 10-24 Hours
Working Time: 10-15 min
Odor: Low
UV: Superior to the MAX







All DIY 1:1 Epoxies Mixing Instructions:

Grab 2 mixing buckets. In one bucket pour the hardener (Part B) to the desired amount. Then pour the resin (Part A) straight into the middle of the bucket holding the hardener. Then begin to stir for 2 to 3 minutes, making sure to scrape both sides and bottom every few spins in the bucket. Then take the mixed bucket and pour the contents into the other empty bucket you grabbed making sure once again to scrape the sides and bottom. Once the transfer is complete grab a clean stick and begin to stir for another 2 to 3 minutes scraping the sides and bottom as go. This should  give you a perfect outcome every time


Additional information

Weight N/A

16oz(8 oz A & 8 oz B), 32oz(16 oz A & 16 oz B), 64oz(32 oz A & 32 oz B), 1 Gallon(64 oz A & 64 oz B), 2 Gallons(128 oz A & 128 oz B)

2 reviews for Speedy Petey ULTRA UV 1:1 Fast Set (Part A & Part B)

  1. Cory moss

    Love this stuff

  2. Stephanie Mason- BadAzzTumblers

    After trying 6-8 other epoxy brands I came across DIY. I was having problems with micro bubbles no matter what I did. I have gave up trying to find a brand that fit me. I gave DIY a try as a last resort. The first cup I applied DIY to blew my mind! I had FINALLY found the epoxy that I had only dreamed existed!! No micro bubbles, glass finish, no VOC’s! I was in heaven! That was 2 years ago. I still use DIY and I am still blown away every time I finish a tumbler! THEN here comes Speedy PETEY and THAT is a whole other AMAZING review!! With Speedy Petey I am able to complete a tumbler in 1 day! The time saved with Speedy Petey brings your crafting game to a whole new level! Thank you Dave for creating amazing products!! -BadAzzTumblers

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