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Speedy Petey 1:1 Fast Set (Part A & Part B)

Speedy Petey Fast Set

  • Pettable in as soon as 30 mins
  • Hardened as soon as an hour and 30 mins
  • Super shiny
  • Ultra Clear
  • Bubble release technology
  • Great for small shallow molds
  • Great for cups
  • Great for cutting boards
  • No smell!
  • This can be used of ALL coats (That means final 😊)
Speedy Petey Fast Set Epoxy Resin

This is the fastest setting epoxy in our line for all crafts you can imagine – tumblers, molds, wood projects and more! We are proud to bring you the same quality of epoxy but with faster results. Speedy Petey is similar to our 1:1 Artisan formula but will cure in less than one half of the time. Expect this to look fabulous on any white based project as this formula will not yellow. This quick dry epoxy resin will shock you with its crystal clear glass like finish. You can use this on your final coat of your epoxy resin projects. This Fast set has an amazing UV protection  and bubble release technology.  We have developed a formula that is different from the other brands and will not disappoint! We know you want to stay crafty so we have committed ourselves to creating a quality product with a small business friendly price! Thank you for your continued support as we continue to support you with unmatched customer service and quality products!




All DIY 1:1 Epoxies Mixing Instructions:

Grab 2 mixing buckets. In one bucket pour the hardener (Part B) to the desired amount. Then pour the resin (Part A) straight into the middle of the bucket holding the hardener. Then begin to stir for 2 to 3 minutes, making sure to scrape both sides and bottom every few spins in the bucket. Then take the mixed bucket and pour the contents into the other empty bucket you grabbed making sure once again to scrape the sides and bottom. Once the transfer is complete grab a clean stick and begin to stir for another 2 to 3 minutes scraping the sides and bottom as go. This should  give you a perfect outcome every time



Additional information

Weight N/A

16oz(8 oz A & 8 oz B), 32oz(16 oz A & 16 oz B), 64oz(32 oz A & 32 oz B), 1 Gallon(64 oz A & 64 oz B), 2 Gallons(128 oz A & 128 oz B)

32 reviews for Speedy Petey 1:1 Fast Set (Part A & Part B)

  1. Alyssa Jackson

    I was skeptical at first & messed up my first cup. But once I settled down and slowed down and followed the directions , WOW!!! Never in my 3 years of tumbler making have I been able to touch, remove a cup off a Turner with my bare hands within an hour. No finger print left behind! I have been using it over my other epoxy & will always recommend speedy petey!! Ordering a second batch now!!!

  2. Melissa Courson (verified owner)

    Just got this epoxy and tried it for the first time, and WOW! I absolutely love this stuff. It dries super quick and I’m able to finish a few cups within a day. Think this will be my go to epoxy now!

  3. Kimberlee J Cooper (verified owner)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Speedy Petey! I cannot get over how fast it dries! I did a tumbler over the weekend when it was 82 and from putting it on the turner to taking it off the turner for the next step…30 minutes!! Beautiful finish too!

  4. Rachael Grimm (verified owner)

    I have used speedy Petey twice now and it takes hours for this to cure up. I thought this was supposed to help speed up my process not slow it down. Very disappointed

  5. Tanya Floyd (verified owner)

    I will never use anything else. Saves so much time, I can do 4X the cups as before. Amazing product….

  6. Cynthia Paz

    I love this Epoxy!!! I’m new to epoxy so I did make a few mistakes but now that I have the hang of it …. Love it. It works better if you warm up your A&B separately. This company is amazing by the way. They actually answered my questions by phone without having to wait. No automated system. An actual human was on the other end of the phone. Thank you so, so much. I am a customer for life!!!

  7. Claudia Sepulveda (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. I can complete a cup in a day! Can’t believe I waited so long to buy it!

  8. Melissa Nelligan (verified owner)

    Best epoxy I have everrrr I used for tumblers !! Will never buy anything else !! I warm it up and warm up my cup and its like butter so perfect! Completely touchable in 2 hours for me.

  9. Amber (verified owner)

    I’m not sure if it’s operator error, but I’ve tried on 4 separate occasions and my cups are still wet after 2 hours. Not sure this was worth buying 2 gallons of. I was hoping to save time, but I have to let my cups turn overnight to ensure I don’t end up with awful drips on one side.

  10. Sophia (verified owner)

    Holy sh*t!!! This stuff is amazing. Idk why it took me so long to open the box and use it. Maybe I thought I was going to be disappointed like I had been by other epoxy’s. When I tell you this stuff dries fast it’s freakin fast. My first attempt I made too much to do several cups at once but I didn’t even have time to do two tumblers. I’m getting the feel and I will never use another epoxy again! This is it this is the one!

  11. Kirsten Villanueva (verified owner)

    I used this on one occasion so far on 5 tumblers that I was working on.. AMAZING! It dried in little time and had very few bubbles! I was sent the wrong item on accident, I contacted the company and they sent out the correct item quickly. Great product and great company! Will definitely buy this again!

  12. Anna Robinson (verified owner)

    Can not say enough about this product, speedy petey is by far the best epoxy I have ever used, not only is the dry time phenomenal but after it is set it is as smooth as glass, I have had no a problems with bubbles and never used a heat gun or torch. I will never go back to any other epoxy after trying this. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!

  13. April Fassett (verified owner)

    This epoxy is amazing. It cures so fast and allows me to greatly reduce the amount of time to make a tumbler. It is thicker than the prior epoxy I used, so there is a slight learning curve. But once I figured out to use just a little more per coat, it’s worked like a dream. And I am able to do less coats. So I’m not using any more epoxy than before. This shine when it’s cured is like glass. It’s crystal clear and shiny. Great product, and my new go to epoxy for anytime I don’t need a slower setting epoxy.

  14. Stephanie C. (verified owner)

    I got it from the pre-sale. It may have taken a while to get, but well worth the wait! I used it today and absolutely love it!! Now to order a bigger

  15. Mollie King (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I decided to try this after using another fast set epoxy that I wasn’t really impressed with and I’m so glad that I did! Yes it’s thick but warming it in a water bath while mixing worked great for me. I use this for my glitter tumblers and love that I can get through my layers in just a day now. I have had zero issues with bubbles or micro bubbles like with my previous fast set epoxy. I’m a FAN!

  16. Fawna Waggy (verified owner)

    The one star reviews on this are unfair. this was originally a PRE SALE item. The shipping times were very clearly stated when ordering. With that being said, I am absolutely over the moon with this epoxy. I have been on the hunt for the perfect fast setting epoxy and have finally found it. I am a blinger and use the epoxy to apply my rhinestones and this stuff is perfection. Zero smell (this is HUGE for me because I’m super sensitive to smells). Cures very quickly. Its very thick and my stones don’t slide around everywhere. I cannot say enough good things about this product.

  17. Sally (verified owner)

    I’m telling you, it was soooo worth the wait!
    I tried it on 2 cups, both were touchable in 45 minutes and I was able to safely take them off the turner in 1 hour! I tried it in my Welcome sign mold, touchable in 30 minutes, took out of the mold in 1 hour! NO BUBBLES!! I will be buying again, and again, and again!!

  18. Meghan Johnson (verified owner)

    I switched from another fast set to this and I was beyond impressed. Yes it did take a while to get but it was clearly stated in the description that it was a pre-order and it wouldn’t ship until the end of Feb. I knew that ordering it. The shine is amazing and it dries so fast! I would recommend warming up the parts before you mix them but this is now my #1!

  19. Elizabeth Neal (verified owner)

    For all the people saying they don’t deliver…it says presale in the description along with the fact that it won’t ship until the end of february. You cannot judge the company/product if you don’t read the description. With that said, I recieved mine today and so far love it. I bought it so I can get my orders out faster. It is thick and covers well. I would recommend warming it up to help it mix easier. Minimal bubbles. I use their regular epoxy on my tumblers and pens. That will be the real test. (I used it in a geode mold first to test it out) I have used a couple of other quick set epoxy brands that I didn’t like but so far this one is what I was wanting.

  20. Kristal Silva (verified owner)

    Speedy dried for me to the touch in 45 minutes. Next to a heater it dried in 35 minutes. I texted Petey on an all white cup and the UV protection was immaculate my cup stayed pure white! The viscosity is thick so only one layer will cover glitter if laid flat. I recommend warming it while you mix to ensure it mixes properly. Can be used as a final coat as well! If you’re a fan of artisan you’ll be a fan of this formula as well

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