Final Sand Prep and Matte Finish



Final Sand is your first step and your last step. Cleans and preps your tumblers. Great for making the epoxy matte finish. Use final sand to prep your Formica countertops to sand and clean your old surfaces before your primer. Use final sand to turn your epoxy projects matte finish. Easy to use, dust-free,  eliminate the time-consuming sanding from 320-3000 grit sandpaper. Save time and money!

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88 reviews for Final Sand Prep and Matte Finish

  1. Sheryl Merritt (verified owner)

    Works great ?

  2. Missy Lane (verified owner)

    Will use again

  3. katie (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  4. Kay McFarland (verified owner)

    This is a game changer for tumbler makers who want a mat finish!!

  5. Tina H. (verified owner)

    This product FINAL SAND is amazing!!! I have trouble with my dexterity and this product makes sanding the tumblers so easy !!! Love it!!!

  6. Sandra C. (verified owner)

    This product meets all expectations

  7. Allyson Rabalais (verified owner)

    Excited to try it.

  8. Veronica L. (verified owner)


  9. Gieger LuAnne (verified owner)

    Haven’t gotten to try it yet but I know I will love it.

  10. Ashley Walton (verified owner)

    Great for matte finish and peeping tumblers.

  11. Heather A. (verified owner)

    Awesome product!! Love it! Thanks

  12. Rachel (verified owner)


  13. Rebekah T. (verified owner)

    Great product and easy to use!!! Definitely recommend!

  14. Richard Y. (verified owner)

    Love the matte finish!

  15. Bonnie Jeffcoat (verified owner)

    Loving this product and the customer service is great!! I stayed up to date on the process from start to finish even with all the storms that were going on in their area!

  16. Jessica (verified owner)

    This is a awesome product and easy to work with!

  17. Cassie Newman (verified owner)

    Haven’t used yet but I’m excited to try it!

  18. Joan J. (verified owner)

    It did what it was supposed to do, no issues 🙂

  19. Veda Gomez (verified owner)

    Its ok.

  20. Jenifer S. (verified owner)

    Great product for a matte finish and also prepping tumblers!

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Final Sand Prep and matte Finish

Use Final sand to turn your epoxy to a matte finish in seconds. Final sand is fast cutting, long-lasting, removes grime and build up on old countertops surfaces, and rinses clean and easily. Best for prepping tumblers before base coat and to create a matte finish on tumblers.

Final Sand can be used for prepping your old surfaces before your primer and works wonders as a final step to create a matte finish Epoxy. Best for prepping tumblers before base coat and to create a matte finish on tumblers.