Artisan Art Epoxy
Artisan Art Epoxy
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Artisan Art Epoxy


Artisan is one of the best art epoxies on the market. This is a little on the thicker side which helps keep your color in place for your artwork such as geodes, tumblers and more. This epoxy, paired with our white pigment paste, makes the best ocean scenes and the wave cells form perfectly. Our epoxy is hard and has excellent scratch resistance. This is a 1:1 epoxy.

  • Heat up to 500 deg.
  • Meets FDA standards for food safety
  • Excellent for artwork / tumblers
  • Excellent UV inhibitors
  • High gloss
  • Self leveling
  • Zero VOC
  • Made in the USA
(74 customer reviews)
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74 reviews for Artisan Art Epoxy

  1. Candace Lee (verified owner)

    Saw this product on Tic Tok and was convinced to try it. It worked very well for me and I’m sure that I’d purchase it again .

  2. Deycy Vargas

    Tested this out first and It definitely keeps up with other high grade epoxies. I love the glass like finish. It is easy to work with and has great coverage.

  3. Alicia Tetuan (verified owner)

    I’ve used the product twice so far and have gotten great results. I can’t believe the shine it produces.

  4. Ivyr79 (verified owner)

    I love this epoxy first time trying it and it hardly any bubbles. It dries fast although I like my cups to still spin overnight. It’s great definitely will be buying again.

  5. Becky Gibboney (verified owner)

    I found DIY Dec. 2020. I needed epoxy for a canvas project. I was amazed at the clear like glass finish and above all it self levels. So now I have moved on to tumblers and I won’t use anything else. Won’t even try anything else. DIY is it for me!

  6. Lauren M. (verified owner)

    Great Epoxy! Used a couple of different brands before I tried it and I have not gone back. Less bubbles and the finish is like glass and no smell. Love it.

  7. Maria Chavez (verified owner)

    Comes uneven

  8. Nancy (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this epoxy!! I have tried a few and this one is my favorite so far! I actually have only ordered this one lately and no others!!! I love how quickly it dries and how beautiful it makes my tumblers and all my different molds look!!! Absolutely 2 thumbs up!!! And 10 out of 10!! I can’t wait to try the fast dry one!

  9. Cheri (verified owner)

    Love the shine that this product leaves behind. I have had a little problems with bubbles, but those are primarily user error. I don’t always remember to stir slowly. I am happy to report that the little bubbles that are left behind easily pop under heat. Little to know smell from this product. I would definitely recommend.

  10. Stephanie Carr (verified owner)

    I have tried SEVERAL different epoxy companies. DIY Epoxy is the only one I haven’t had an issue with (allergic reaction). Not only do I have no allergic reactions, the finish is AMAZING!! It is a little thicker than other epoxies, which I love! I ordered a 64oz set to start and just ordered a gallon set.

  11. Stephani Wirtz (verified owner)

    I have tried many epoxies this is the best so far. I even got the fast set and it is just as good!?? Buy it…You Will Not regret it

  12. Shannon Johnson (verified owner)

    I’ve used many Epoxy’s and this is my favorite by far! I won’t ever go back, beautiful finish, the gloss on these things are AMAZING! 100% repeat customer for life.

  13. Nicole (verified owner)

    I decided to take a leap and try another brand. I can say that I had already used the Final Sand – excellent product! But this epoxy, it is great. I’m on my way to make another order!

  14. Omi (verified owner)

    Im New at working with resin. I’ve tried 2 different brands n didn’t like the finished work with neither of them. I ordered the 64 oz combo n did my first pour yesterday. I am over the moon with the results. I’m so happy I finally found “the one” to work with. I have se real projects to work on n can not wait to do them. I only poured a couple of handles n scrub tops n Im extremely happy with the results. Now I can’t wait to try the rest of their products. ??????

  15. Kristen Cottrell (verified owner)

    By far the best epoxy I have ever used! No more fighting bubbles and always a glass finish!


  16. Jan garcia (verified owner)

    Best I’ve tried. Allergic to pro marine but I can use this one. No smell until heated. The customer service is wonderful, above and beyond to please their customers. I only use this epoxy now, it seems to like heat, so I torch it 2 rotations and cover to protect from dust. Mostly bubble free. Not leaving this product. It’s the best I’ve tried.

  17. Jamie Trueax (verified owner)

    After doing so many years of automotive clear on so many different projects, I was looking for a product that would provide the gloss I wanted without sanding and buffing. The hardness when fully cleared is outstanding and the gloss is amazing! Great product, great supplier, and fast shipping. Everything I could have wanted! Thank you

  18. Cris Adams-McGinley (verified owner)

    Have used it on multiple applications and has stood up to my hopes of what a epoxy should be and do. Will be ordering again

  19. Lateenya Mcknight (verified owner)

    I ordered 16oz 1:1 to test out whether it’s good or not! Man ole man, I am awww at how well it mixes and cures also! I think I found a new product for all of my resin projects! I like that the company offers Afterpay because this stuff can be expensive. You got a customer in me for sure! Very happy with my purchase.

  20. Anonymous

    I LOVE this Epoxy, I’ve tried many different epoxies for my tumbler business and this by far stands out better then the rest!!!!

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