Artisan Art Epoxy
Artisan Art Epoxy – Fast Set
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Artisan Art Epoxy – Fast Set


  • Dry to the touch in 2 hours,
  • Excellent for UV for not yellowing
  • Super Hard Finish
  • Full Cure in 7 days
  • Can be used for all coats,  Inc your top coat
  • Medium viscosity
  • Lays out like Glass
  • Excellent bubble release so great for cups and molds
  • No smell / odor free
(44 customer reviews)
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44 reviews for Artisan Art Epoxy – Fast Set

  1. Jessica Corral (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this epoxy I have tried a few and this is the only one that I can use on multiple different kinds of projects. I have yet to have one issue with this lovely epoxy thank you and y’all keep your prices affordable thank you

  2. Stacia Callsen (verified owner)

    It cures fast but I keep having issues with fish eyes or spots that aren’t covered and end up doing more layers than I normally would with regular epoxy. I use it for applying glitter but don’t trust it anymore with my final coat

  3. Gerlinde Martin (verified owner)

    As described and I Love it! If you mix it right according to their instructions, then you get a great quality finish. Now if you don’t measure and mix well then you get a sticky finish. I encourage anyone using this for the first time to follow instructions. If you need help, go to their group on Facebook and there are plenty of crafters who can help if you have trouble with the 2 to 1 ratio mix. This product is worth every penny . *****

  4. Sami B (verified owner)

    Let me start by saying, this product is nice.
    It’s super convenient to not have to wait 24 hours before a second coat. However, this stuff does not level out very well, it doesn’t like the heat gun, and although it says dry to touch in 2 hours, I highly advise against grabbing it with your hands unless you like hand prints in your resin.

  5. Elise Allen (verified owner)

    Absolutely loving the fast set epoxy. I’m fairly new to this world and this epoxy make my life so much easier.

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