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Golden Ticket Giveaway


Will you win the golden ticket?!

From today until February 14th for every $50 dollars you spend on one of  DIY EPOXY’s UV epoxies such as: Speedy Petey Fast Set Ultra UV, Timber Ridge Ultra UV, and introducing, Artisan Ultra UV, you will earn a raffle ticket entry to our grand prize of $500 in DIY EPOXY site-wide credit

Yes, you read that correctly, $500! The credit may be used on the entire website with no expiration date!

Why are our Ultra UV products different? They have a big extra dose of UV inhibitors in them, perfect for use on light-colored surfaces, on products that will be in the sun more than most, and perfect to boost the longevity of any project!

When you purchase $50 or more of Artisan Ultra UV, Speedy Petey Ultra UV, and Timber Ridge Premium Ultra UV you’ll be entered in the drawing to win the golden ticket, no need to do anything else.

The winner will be chosen on February 16th! Good luck to you all and as always, thank you for your continued support for DIY Epoxy!