Final Sand

Multi-use final sand prep and matte paste
Made by DIYEPOXY in USA.


Vehicle Paint Prep

Cleans and preps all in one before you start painting your car

Tumbler Prep

Cleans and scuffs your cups before your spray paint

Countertops Prep

Cleans when doing epoxy over your old surfaces. Final sand cleans and scuff to ensure your epoxy adheres to your surface.

Remove Hard Water spots

Use white pad on car, home or shower windows to remove hard water spots without scratching your glass.


Final sand is your first step and your last step. use final sand to prep your Formica countertops to sand and clean your old surfaces before your primer. Use final sand to turn your epoxy projects matte finish. Easy to use, dust-free, eliminate the time-consuming sanding from 320-3000 grit sandpaper. Save time and money!

Usage Method

Safe and  Non-toxic

Effective and Convenient

Waterproof and Midew Proof

Final Sand Results

Final Sand Tutorials