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Diy Epoxy is proudly known for our outstanding products and timely customer service management. We want to serve you with our utmost care and ensure you are satisfied with all Diy Epoxy products. Becoming one of our contractors and joining the team, includes multiple benefits. Not only do you become eligible for a personal discount on all our products, you also gain a commission code that you can share with your audience. You become eligible to receive 24/7 contractor help/feedback for any questions you may have moving forward. Diving into our products, the Casting Pro Epoxy is spectacular for all woodworking projects. This product can be poured to three inches thick at one setting, UV inhibitors equipped, excellent bubble release, and overall, creates a beautiful finished product. Jumping over to our countertop/bartop epoxy, Crystal Illusion, this product is heat resistant up to 500 degrees, meets FDA food safety standards, thicker blend for a harder finish and a less chance to be scratched, UV inhibitors equipped, and a perfect finish for all countertops projects. Fill out our form above to get in contact with a contractor representative at Diy Epoxy.


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